Healing Through the Atonement

When I was a bishop, I counseled many people with pornography addictions, including a man we will call “Bill.” Bill’s experience is fairly consistent with others. Except for one thing: he beat his addiction through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. His faith and work opened the doors for Atoning Grace to heal him. I post Bill’s story with his permission—he hopes it might help someone. I do want to make one thing clear. This is not exclusively a problem for men. More and more women are getting involved in problems with pornography as well—usually through chatrooms or messaging at first--then with more traditional forms.


Bill's Story:

When I was a young man I got hooked on porn. I was active in the Church and had a testimony. I knew porn was wrong, and I hated it.

It controlled my life. Sometimes I didn’t show up to work because I was in the middle of looking at it. A whole day could go by and I wouldn’t even notice. I wouldn’t eat or drink or anything.

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