Heber J. Grant on politics

Perhaps not unlike our current Church President, Heber J. Grant was fond of telling stories in Church meetings. He told of the time when Eliza R. Snow blessed him at least five times in General Conference that I have found; and I have run across journal entries that described him telling the story at various stake conferences. It seems that he was also fond of a particular humorous story on politics and repeated it at General Conference at least four times that I have seen:

You know, I have contempt for politics, because, as I have said for many years, they are like the measles, if you will just take a little saffron tea and keep the measles on the surface, they will not hurt you, but if they set in on you they turn your hide yellow and make you cross-eyed. (Laughter.) (1)

This is not to say that President Grant did not appreciate difference in public policy. He was actively engaged in Utah and National politics (Prohibition!); however, I think there is no question that he valued the well thought-out and diverse opinions of others. What he apparently loathed was loss of agency, thought and civility to political parties:

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