Helping less active Scouts with Faith in God awards

I arrived at the home of a Cub Scout on Friday afternoon with a Faith in God pamphlet in hand ready to do what I could to help the boy be at church on Sunday, only to find the family packing a camp trailer for a weekend in the woods.

"Sis. Duce, Sis. Duce look at my new fishing pole I got for my birthday," said my beaming Scout. "And look at this chocolate cake we're going to eat in the mountains," he said, pulling a bakery box from the cooler.

I immediately knew nothing I could say or suggest would be more important to this 10-year-old than spending time with his family in the mountains to celebrate the milestone of having a two-digit age.

"Happy Birthday," I said giving him a hug and wishing I would have remembered a token gift for the moment. "I came to remind you that we're having a Scout activity next week and wondered what kind of cupcakes I can make for you."

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