12 Hilarious and Horrifying Singles Ward Stories All Latter-Day Saints Can Relate To

by | Apr. 12, 2019


From dating to ward activities, there are a variety of awkward opportunities that arise when you put a group of young single adults together! As LDS Living Facebook follower Kirie Close says about the most awkward experience in the YSA ward, "Ummm . . . my entire time as a ward member in it. But it was fun!" Here are a few more of our favorite Facebook comments from LDS Living readers who responded to our question: "What was your most awkward experience in the YSA ward?" 

When Sacrament Meeting Is Too Quiet

From Gavin Gardner:

Walking up to bear my testimony. It was so quiet that everyone could hear the Tic-Tacs in my pocket. 😂

Uncomfortable Family History

From Sascha Hatfield:

When I was paired with a guy that I kind of liked and he ended up being a cousin I didn't know about. 😆

A Lesson in Flirting

From Lindsay and Addison Hall:
Flirting lessons. One fifth Sunday when Relief Society and priesthood were combined, the bishopric lined us up and taught us how to flirt. 😂

We imagine this story went down something like this hilarious Studio C sketch.

A Toilet Paper Classic

From Debby Freer:

At a dance when I came back from the bathroom with a trail of toilet paper tucked in with my dress. Underwear showing! Very embarrassing.

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