12 Hilarious and Horrifying Singles Ward Stories All Latter-Day Saints Can Relate To

by | Apr. 12, 2019


Same 10 Testimonies

From Melissa Heaps:

When there were basically 10 people in attendance, so every single person had to bear their testimony on fast Sunday or everyone would just sit there and stare at you.

A Dancing Mishap

From Bobbye Ariola Hill: 

I was a recent convert at a YSA dance. Swing dancing was really “in.” I told the guy I didn’t know how to dance like that, so he told me to follow his lead. Then he proceeded to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder in a dance move, but because I didn’t know what I was doing and really neither did he, he didn’t raise me high enough and I ended up scraping across his shoulder. It tore all the buttons off my shirt and he dropped me in shock. I laughed so hard all the way home to change.

The Awkward Set-Up

From Charity Wester: 

When the Relief Society president tried to set me up on a date with my younger brother. He had just started the YSA ward. I had just gotten home from my mission.

We feel for you, Charity. Most of us have experienced the beautiful awkwardness that is a set-up.

Happy Reflections

From Jamie Larsen: 

I was in my mid 20s and got asked to dance by an 18-year-old just out of high school. When he asked my age and I told him, I saw the shock and surprise on his face (in his defense I have always looked really young, so he probably thought I was his age) and he said, "You're so . . . so young!" And then he told me he was 18, and he only looked 30 because of his bad back. Lol. But honestly, singles wards are awesome! I had so many opportunities to lead and serve that I never would have gotten in a family ward. I definitely wasn't one of those girls who met her future husband there or at institute (met him at work actually), and I ended up being on the older side when I got married, but I wouldn't trade my many years in the singles ward for anything.

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