Hilary Weeks Launches Kickstarter Campaign

To promote fundraising for her new Live Positive App, Hilary Weeks announced she will record a song written exclusively for this project, “June in December," a song currently available only to those participating in the fundraiser.  Weeks’ campaign launched today on Kickstarter.com, a site designed to help turn imagined projects into real products. Every person who donates $3 or more to this project will receive a free download of this song that reminds those experiencing personal “Decembers” of the tender mercies, miracles, and love they receive from God.

Check out this video for more more details on this exciting project:

Five years ago, Weeks began an experiment to boost her level of optimism and positivity by using a hand-held tally counter to count her negative and positive thoughts in a day.  Weeks was amazed at the transformation such a small action had on her outlook.

“I discovered that something as simple as clicking gave my thoughts power –enough power to change my mood, outlook and attitude,” Weeks said.  “Clicking positive thoughts made me feel courageous, creative and purpose-driven.” 

With a desire to share her new insights, Weeks launched a new website, billionclicks.org, in 2012 and even designed a new product to help others participate in this journey of positive thinking.  

Now, Weeks is raising funds to create a new app surrounding this simple yet perspective-changing idea.  This app would allow users to do much more than keep track of positive thoughts; it would allow users to set goals, receive inspirational thoughts, take pictures, record personal experiences, and participate in community goals.

Many have attested to the power of “clicking” positive thoughts, and some have even used these tools to boost optimism and even combat bullying in schools.  

Whether using music to promote her ideas or spreading the power of her products online, Hilary weeks is making life happier for thousands of her fans one song and one click at a time. 


Hilary Weeks’ clicker kit is now available at deseretbook.com.To view the Live Positive App campaign, visit kickstarter.com.

Check out Weeks’ inspiring music in her latest albums, Say Love, and, Every Step.

For more Hilary Weeks' products, visit deseretbook.com.

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