His daddy is going to a live at a beautiful farm from now on, to run in fields of daisies…with that pretty lady over there…OR How to talk to a five year old about infidelity and divorce.

Warning: Mature themes and situations are presented in this post. If children are present, read with discretion.

Before anyone who knows me gets alarmed, it’s not my immediate family that is presently being ripped apart. It is that of good friends. Friends that are like family to us.

Now that that little detail is clear, I present my current mama dilemma. There is a family with whom my family has become very good friends. Their young child is my young child’s favorite friend and vice versa. Their family is in a similar life stage and circumstance to ours and we spend time together like family because we don’t have other family nearby – holidays, birthdays, all the big stuff. We have known them for two years now and have grown to love them.

Several months back things started to really go sour for them.

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