Holiness in Motherhood

The word holiness has been held dear by those who love God since the beginning of time. It became especially important during the time of Moses with all that surrounded the Holy of Holies. The words Holiness to the Lord is engraved above the doorway to the Salt Lake Temple. And for as long as we can remember the phrase, “The holy calling of motherhood” has been ringing in our ears! But let’s get grounded! There are quite a few days as a mother that just don’t seem exactly holy! When you’re coping with a three-year-old whiner, a nine-year-old procrastinator or a teenager who may not speak altogether kindly to you, motherhood may seem more like a test of endurance than enduring holiness. At some point in a mothering career almost every mother says, “I just wish I were more spiritual. I feel guilty because I don’t read the scriptures as often as I should. I am so exhausted that I often fall asleep during my prayers. Sometimes I just feel that there’s no time to be holy!” But if we change our mindset we will realize that the whole concept of Motherhood IS holy. Holiness can be found in things as small as preparing a family dinner, things as mundane as continual loads of laundry waiting endlessly to be done, and in things as simple as a two-minute discussion with a child on the way to soccer practice. Holiness can be found in all that we do as mothers as we let the Savior into our lives.

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