Home Preparedness: New puff-dried carrots and other veggie options

Modern food processing is producing great options for storing and cooking some of the most nutritious vegetables.

Dried carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A in a food storage diet. Yet some people avoid food storage recipes using dried carrots because of their strong smell and taste, even in soups and main dishes with plenty of spices. Dried carrots require 25-30 minutes' cooking time before they become tender.

New puff-dried carrots have now appeared on the market. These are made using partial dehydration followed by either sudden heat for 30-90 seconds, or sudden pressure reduction in a pressure chamber containing CO2, causing them to puff. Puff-dried carrots have a great flavor, tasting like fresh carrots. In fact, they can be eaten right out of the can. These carrots hydrate and cook in 5-10 minutes, and some I tasted were so good they could be served alone as a side dish. Search online to learn where these are sold. The taste and nutrition make them worth the additional cost compared to dried carrots.

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