Home a Quiet Haven

As a mother of five, involved with way too many things, I am challenged to find privacy anywhere. Just the other day after a long and exhausting day, I laid in bed and pondered how impossible it was that throughout my day I had not had a single moment where I was not being touched, rubbed, tugged at, sung to, talked to, hollered at, cried at, complained to, questioned, argued with, negotiated with, laughed at (or with) and on and on. I realized how hungry I was for a little simplicity and quiet.

I love (love love) being a mother, I love my children intensely and never wish my life was anything different than it is. However, I have realized a weakness of mine that I wish to change. I am by nature a very focused person. If I over-schedule and over-commit, the important things in life begin to subordinate to the less important things. When I discipline myself and take the time to listen, Heavenly Father reveals to me just what I need to know, right when I need to know it.

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