Homeless Man Gives Profound Testimony of Miracles and Tells the Moment He Knew Angels Were Real

LDS best-selling author Jason F. Wright has created a Facebook series titled "Giving a Lift" where he gives hitchhikers, friends, homeless people, and strangers a ride.

In his latest video, Wright learned powerful lessons from a man named David (name changed) about miracles and angels that come into our lives.

"I've learned a lot about the way God works," David says. "God will help you. He won't give you what you want. He will give you what you need."

He continues, "A lot of people think a miracle is a big bolt of lightning out in the sky, something that happens that everyone is going to notice, right? No, it don't work that way. If you ain't watching, you will see a miracle and think nothing about it."

That's when David shared a simple and sweet miracle he experienced when he was in the middle of nowhere camping near an access road, praying to God for help. A girl approached David in the middle of nowhere, and David asked if she was his guardian angel. Watch the video below to hear the miracle in David's words.

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