Homesick for Heaven

One of my most poignant childhood memories was talking late into the night with my mother one evening, sharing with her my sincere desire to feel our Savior’s love at one of the loneliest points of my life. “I’m just so homesick for heaven,” I told her quite emotionally, as if it were possible for her to simply get me on the next shuttle there.

She listened empathetically and comforted me the way she always did, but I soon realized that my need to feel Christ’s arms around me, and that my intense longing to be physically close to my Father in Heaven, wouldn’t completely leave while I was here on earth. In fact, I still have very similar feelings during various times in my life.

I don’t know why I was so surprised when my eternally sunny five-year-old daughter told me matter-of-factly not long ago, “Mom, I’m really homesick for heaven today.” I hadn’t heard those words uttered since my own childhood and they certainly spoke to my soul. I guess we are kindred spirits, Elizabeth and I.

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