Horseback riding and family history

For Tim Cross, getting people interested in doing their family history is a lot like inviting them to go horseback riding. In fact, Brother Cross, a product manager for the new FamilySearch website, displayed a slide show of a horseback outing while attendees were coming into the Riverton FamilySearch Library in southwest Salt Lake Valley for the monthly "Saturday Seminar."

His topic, borrowed from Church public service announcements about the importance of making time for family activities, was "Family History — Isn't It about Time?" and horseback riding was an apt analogy.

"You don't introduce someone to horses telling about the stall that you mucked out, or telling them about the horse that kicked you the other day, or about the hours you spent training a particular 3-year-old that was really rebellious, and then say, 'And guess what: He is the horse you're going to ride this weekend.'"

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