Hotel Utah turns 100

June 9 marks the 100 Year Anniversary of Hotel Utah. The Deseret News has put together a great section in their paper on the occasion.

For a fantastic photo gallery, read Photo gallery: 100 years of the Hotel Utah. It’s like stepping back into time seeing horses and buggies and trolleys.

Did you know the Hotel Utah hosted every U.S. president from William Howard Taft in 1912 to Ronald Reagan? Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley were also guests. To find out who has stayed at the hotel, read Hotel Utah’s famous guests.

Hotel Utah has always been known for its gourmet food. In this article about Fine Dining at Hotel Utah, you can read about the various menus and restaurants from over the years. Did you know in 1948 you could order “Fresh Lobster & Crabmeat in Newburg Sauce & Melba Toast” for only $3.50?

To learn more about the celebration and events surrounding the anniversary, read Hotel Utah/ JSMB birthday celebration.

The Hotel Utah’s opening and history is incredible, described as “a blaze of splendor.” Many people don’t know the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was once the “happening” place to be in Salt Lake City back when it was a ritzy hotel. Read about it in Hotel Utah: 100 years of history.

For the past year, people have been contributing stories and memories of the Hotel Utah. Read about them in Hotel Utah memories.

If you live in Utah (and even if you don’t) you’re likely to have attended an event in the JSMB, whether it was a wedding dinner, a corporate lunch, or a family get together. In the article Joseph Smith Memorial Building and special occasions, you can read about all the fun events the building has hosted over the years.

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