Houston, We Have a Problem

Yesterday, in fulfillment of an assignment to teach the younger Young Men (a combined class of deacons and teachers), I incorporated 4 minutes and 5 seconds of precious material from The Empire Strikes Back into my lesson on “Self-Discipline”. Drawing from my own childhood/adolescence, I figured that nothing could drive home a point about the importance of developing self-discipline better than watching Luke’s Jedi Training on Dagobah and his Failure at the Cave.

I started out the lesson chit-chatting with the kids about our belief in Jesus Christ as our foundation. Everyone seemed to agree that we believe in Jesus Christ. Check. So how should people that believe in Jesus Christ behave on a day to day basis, how should we live our lives? They answered, good behavior, good works, etc. What does discipline mean? Predictably their collective answer more or less revealed a conception of discipline as imposed from the outside, more or less synonymous with punishment. This was the perfect opening to pave the way for a Christ-centered lesson on self-discipline, i.e. not imposed from the outside. Exhibit A: Luke Skywalker.

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