How Anne of Green Gables helped me get my groove back

by | Jan. 20, 2010

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I’ll admit, I’m in a slump. This Haiti thing has sort of made me sick to my stomach, and last night I made the wretched decision to watch a foreign film in German on Netflix. My husband is out of town, and if there is ever a movie he would never consent to watch, it’s a romantic chick flick that takes place in Hungary where everybody is speaking German. I figured a nice, interesting, subtitled foreign film love story would not only feed my starved intellectual soul, it would shake me out of my rut.

And I suppose it worked, if shivering under the covers over a story of untold tragedy involving Nazis, Hungarian Jews, Auschwitz and sickening betrayal counts.

So in my emotionally exhausted state, I turned to Anne Shirley.

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