How Bishnu from 'Meet the Mormons' is Helping Quake Victims in Nepal

by | Apr. 27, 2015

News from Utah


Photo from CHOICE Humanitarian

After the worst earthquake in 80 years struck Nepal Saturday, Latter-day Saint Bishnu Adhikari along with CHOICE Humanitarian are on the scene to help those affected. Adhikari, whom many will recognize after he was featured on the Church's documentary Meet the Mormons, is now "working with the Nepal government to unite with them in developing a coordinated response and relief effort," according to the nonprofit's Facebook page.

"Our team [in Nepal] is working to verify that all family and villages we are connected to are safe or otherwise assess their needs," the group shared. "Our stateside staff and team of experts are actively coordinating efforts locally to see that we have a comprehensive plan to help out in this area that we have worked in for so long and that means so much to CHOICE Humanitarian and those connected with us."

For the last 32 years, the Utah-based company worked to end extreme poverty by teaching leadership skills to help people become self-sufficient. However, in light of the recent tragedy, the group has repurposed their work.

CHOICE Humanitarian co-founder James Mayfield told KSL news that the organization is reassessing its strategy so it can help with emergency needs. “The most important need right now would be the resources, the donations that would help us buy and provide the supplies they might need,” he said.

Those wishing to donate to CHOICE Humanitarian's efforts in Nepal should visit the site's donation page.

The Church said in a statement Saturday that they are still "determining how it can best help to relieve the suffering."

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