How Celebrating Passover Has Transformed My Easter Celebration

I first became acquainted with the Jewish Passover feast on a study-abroad semester at the BYU Jerusalem Center. We had a Jewish rabbi take us through an abbreviated Seder meal which is a central part of the Passover celebration. I was enchanted. I felt some pangs of righteous “holy envy” for the rich symbolism of this ancient feast practiced by faithful Jews for thousands of years.

About 5 years later I ran across the book “Celebrating Passover: A Guide Understanding the Jewish Feast for Latter-day Saints” (see here) by Marianne Monson-Burton. I bought it and fell in love with Passover again. But this time, I realized I could adopt this sacred custom and make it a central part of my Easter worship. We have now been celebrating this for 10 years strong. It has become a cherished Easter tradition.

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