How Families Around the World Are Using "Come, Follow Me" Successfully

It’s such a great concept—every member of the Church, no matter where we live, all has access to the same materials, so we can study the gospel in our own way and at our own pace. 

As we enter the second year of Come, Follow Me, these nine families share what has worked for their home-centered study.  

A “huge positive change” by using the Bible Videos

Some families with young kids love to integrate the Bible videos available through ChurchofJesusChrist.org. The new Book of Mormon videos are also a valuable resource. 

Come, Follow Me has changed our lives,” Mariela Canales told me in her native Spanish. “We read it every day. We’re a family of four—my husband and two children—and we’ve also invited my mother who was recently widowed. For all of us, there has been a huge positive change. Above all else, seeing that my children look forward to studying every day from Come, Follow Me has been a significant blessing. We also rely heavily on the marvelous videos which help my children better understand the doctrine. In our home, we have more peace and harmony and we feel the Holy Ghost more strongly.”

“I did the whole lesson in a pirate’s voice!”

Ashley Elliot, from Raleigh, North Carolina, says, “I just try and have fun with it! My girls love the children's Bible videos. We have used those often when they correspond to the week's lesson. If I can find a way to tie in videos or games it works a lot better for my kids and their current stages. One week, when the lesson discussed treasure in heaven versus earthly treasure, I did the whole lesson in a pirate’s voice! That held my girls attention and encouraged their involvement.”

“We all take turns teaching the lessons…”

Another theme I’ve seen is giving each family member a chance to be involved. Teaching is definitely a great way to learn so this might work for some of you.

“We all take turns teaching the lessons,” says Abby Camberlango of Meridian, Idaho. “This can be a challenge for our 9-year-old, so before she reads from the manual, I choose 4 ideas from the lesson and have her draw a picture of each. This helps her understand the lesson as she reads, and then gives her ideas of what to share with the rest of us.”

Martha Oa from Mexico City, takes a similar approach: “There are 5 members of our family and each week it’s someone’s special turn to lead the Come, Follow Me discussions. Together, we try to read a new section each day. We feel more unity in our home and we have the chance to share our testimonies or missionary experiences—always focusing on the Lord, Jesus Christ and His teachings.”

“I [was] on my own this summer...”

Not everyone is in a family group. When Wesley Burgener started an internship, he found himself away from his family and even roommates.

“Since I [was] on my own this summer, I read through the chapters and then write thoughts or notes in the margins,” says the Tempe, Arizona-based student. “Nothing too crazy or time-consuming, but it works for me.”

You might also consider reaching out to those around you to join in the lessons. Some families gather on Sunday evenings, but if you live far from loved ones, there are lots of other options. 

Looking at scriptures “through a lens different than our own”

“One of our favorites has been inviting another family over for dinner on Sunday and reading a chapter from the next weeks’ lesson,” says Meghan Stott in Seattle, Washington. “It helps us look at scriptures through a lens different than our own. We always end with dessert and games. We have also enjoyed video chatting with family. Since we don’t live close, it has been fun to read scriptures with family.”

Some members are finding success in once-a-week study. For others, it works well to do smaller sections daily, through formal study or just casually as they go about their day.

“I set aside one day of the week…”

Nicol Campos, a mom from Quillón, Chile, explains how it works in her home: “I set aside one day of the week, often on Family Night, to study the current chapter from Come, Follow Me with my daughters. The truth is we love it. It helps my daughters and me more easily understand the gospel doctrine. We’ve been edified as we share ideas and thoughts among ourselves and strive to be better by following the example of Jesus Christ in our lives.”

“During the week, we do the small section activities”

Naty Escobar-Gomez takes a daily approach: “Usually, we read the scriptures listed in the manual every Monday and during the week, we do the small section activities—similar to how we learn in Seminary,” she says. "It makes us more sensitive, less prideful, and more willing to share the blessings that have changed our hearts. [Come, Follow Me] prepares us and fortifies us to move forward on the path of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

A “captive audience” in the car

“I like to bring up parts of the lesson when we’re in the car,” explains Kylie Burgener in Raleigh, North Carolina. “I find a captive audience helps facilitate some great conversations with my kids. I usually start by asking what they have learned about that week in their primary classes. My 8-year-old in particular always has some fun insights to share. He has a really strong understanding about the nature of Jesus, and I learn a lot from him.”

“Our daughter is not a member, so we’re starting from scratch…”

In nearby Cary, North Carolina, one blended family is working hard to learn the concepts in Come, Follow Me at a pace that makes sense for them. “[Our daughter] Sydney is not a member, so we’re starting from scratch in some ways,” says Heather Francis. "We have found it’s better to take it in small doses. Every day she’s with us, we try to read something from Come, Follow Me —we pick one verse each day and try to really ponder and study it, or even memorize it. Usually we have her choose the verse. The more we can involve her, the more engaged she is.”

Whether you are on your own, sharing with part member families or desperately trying to reach your kids, there is a Come, Follow Me path that can work for you. 

If none of these are perfect fit, check in with fellow church members where you live. 

Everyone is doing their own thing and some of their ideas may spark a creative new way for you to study. Whatever you choose, keep at it. It’s making a difference whether you see it or not. 

As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has said, “You are doing better than you think you are.”

Preston Lee and Kylie Burgener, who authored this article together, are childhood friends and remote freelance writers. Together, they’re each raising Latter-day Saint families on either side of the country, trying to use Come, Follow Me as their guide.

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