How I Got a Gratitude Dress

It probably isn't normal, but I struggle with gratitude. Years ago when Oprah made Gratitude Journals a big deal and all my girlfriends jumped on the wagon, someone gave me a blank Gratitude Journal of my own. It was a hard covered book with inscriptions about appreciating butterflies, kittens and clouds and all the simple things in life. Oprah, and then a sister at a church meeting challenged everyone to find at least three things everyday they were grateful for. My journal was optimistic and gave me 10 lines everyday to fill. I considered the expectation I would come up with 10 great things each day and decided that was too much pressure. If Oprah and Heavenly Father were asking for only 3 things, who was I to mess with their wisdom? I don't remember the details of what was going on in my life at the time, but I know it was rocky. Since my life has revolved around my kids' health, I am probably safe in saying I was heading into, working on or recovering from someone's health crisis. Thus is the life of a mother with special needs kids.

I recently uncovered my long ago discarded Gratitude Journal. I had to laugh when the only thing written in it, day after day is the same list of Things I am Grateful for Today (The journal came with pre-printed headers and numbered lines to make my gratitude easy to document.) I kept my gratitude very simple. Every night before I went to bed (to give myself a whole day to receive all the blessings the Universe had in store for me) I wrote the same thing on lines 1-3 under each days designated spot. It looked like this:

1. I am grateful this day is over.

2. I am grateful this day is over.

3. I am grateful this day is over.

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