How I Met Your Mother, or, A Terrible Basis for Romance, or, God’s Guiding Hand

I have recently been reading some writings from my Mormon pioneer ancestors, especially those related to my great-great-great grandmother, Sarah DeArmon Pea Rich. One of the interesting stories from her journal pertains to the budding romance between herself and her future husband, Charles Coulson Rich. In her own words:

“One of the Elders who had been several times at our house took a great deal of pains counseling me and my sister to be careful and not marry anyone that did not believe as we did, and told us the consequences that it might be the means of our not having the privilege of gathering with the Saints; and once when he called, he said to me that he had recommended me to a very fine young man that he thought would make me such a good companion, and told me his name.

“So that passed on for some months, and another Elder came and stopped and preached, and while talking to us girls about our gathering with the Church, he turned to me and said, ‘Sister Sarah, I have got a good young Elder in the Church picked out for you a husband.’ Well, said I, tell us what his name is, for that is the second one that has been selected for me a husband; and when he told me his name, behold it was the name that the other Elder had told me of several months before. This caused lots of comments in our family, and they would often tell me to look out for this fine young Elder to come along.

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