The Life-Changing Response of Latter-day Saints in the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Imelda

by | Oct. 04, 2019

Mormon Life

Tropical Storm Imelda, which hit the southeast coast of Texas on Sept. 19, continues to be a source of mystery to local residents in the hardest hit area from Winnie to Orange, Texas. To have as much as 40 inches of rain fall in a 24-hour period is unprecedented, but to also have it fall in such a small area surprised most local residents.

Volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have massed in the area in the days following the storm with approximately 200 10-man teams of workers to further help victims of the floods clean out their homes in preparation for reconstruction work.

Flood waters contain all types of contaminants — like sewer runoff, lawn chemicals and other pollutants. Flood-damaged homes need to have all floor covering and home items damaged from the floods removed and unceremoniously heaped on the curb for city disposal to haul away.

Story and lead image by Kelly Foss, Church News.
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