How Not to Be Jealous of Your Neighbors' Blessings

by | Aug. 08, 2014

Mormon Life

In Matthew 20:1-15 it talks about the parable of laborers in the vineyard. In summary the householder goes out and starts hiring laborers at 6 A.M., 9 A.M., 12:00 noon and 3 P.M. Both he and the laborers agree to a day’s wage and move forward with their respective duties. This is where the story takes a turn. Because of the increased urgency of the harvest the householder goes out and hires one last group of laborers during “the eleventh hour”. An hour later all of the workers gather to receive their wage. However, to the surprise of everyone there, everyone received the same amount despite having worked different hours. As you can imagine, those workers who started at the beginning of the day were just a little upset that those who came in for the last hour, received the same wage as they did for doing an entire day’s worth of work.
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