How One Journalist Exposed the Unbelievable Origin of "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife"

The mystery surrounding a papyrus fragment reportedly written by Jesus' wife may have finally been solved, thanks to one reporter from The Atlantic.

It took trips to Germany and Florida, an interpreter, dozens of phone calls, lessons on spotting forgery and a very persistent journalist, but the mystery of the so-called "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" may finally be solved.

"For four years, Karen L. King, a Harvard historian of Christianity, has defended the (document) against scholars who argued it was a forgery. But Thursday, for the first time, King said the papyrus — which she introduced to the world in 2012 — is a probable fake," The Atlantic reported on June 16.

King's admission came less than a day after the magazine released an investigative report on the origin of the papyrus fragment, in which journalist Ariel Sabar learned who had given King the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" and exposed him as a fraud.

Lead image from Deseret News.
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