How to Prepare for an LDS Baby Blessing

by | Jun. 22, 2016

The Day of the Blessing:

1. Have a family prayer.
Before you pile into the car and head to the church building, have a family prayer together that will invite the Spirit to be present for the baby's blessing. This will help your children understand the importance of the day and the happiness it will bring your family. 

2. Leave for church early.
Try to leave for church a little earlier than normal in order to have enough seats for your family and guests and to prevent yourself from feeling rushed or distracted. 

3. Take a family picture.
Take a family picture after church. What better way to remember the day!

After the Blessing:

1. Make sure the blessing certificate is completed.
After the blessing is finished, the Ward Clerk should make sure the Child Blessing Record form is completed. A blessing certificate is also prepared, which the bishop will sign. Once that process is finished, you should receive the certificate.

2. Record the day's memories.
Write in a journal about the events of the day—your thoughts, emotions, words or phrases, and anything else you want to remember. This will give you the chance to look back on the day and remember all the details as well as share them with your baby when they are older. 

With these suggestions and tips, the day of your baby blessing will be a memorable and happy event!

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