How We Taught This Lesson in the Past: Lesson 12: “Fruitful in the Land of My Affliction”

by | Mar. 18, 2010

Lesson Helps

Both the current lesson manual and this trio of lessons scheduled for 18 May, 25 May, and 8 June 1930 examine Joseph’s life in Egypt, noting how Joseph’s faithfulness during trials led to great blessings for himself and all his family.


There are many reasons why Joseph should be the favorite son of his father, Jacob. In the first place he was the first born of Rachel whom Jacob had to work so long to get and with whom he was in love from the day he first caught sight of her. Then, too, Joseph was next to the youngest of Jacob’s children. Joseph soon displayed the type of characteristics and disposition which any parent would cherish. Joseph stands out in the history of Israel not only as a great heroic character who saves his family and who becomes great in a strange land, but also as a model boy, son, and brother.

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