Did You Know You Can Serve a Mission as a Church Photographer?

MR says: Did you know some of your photography could end up on LDS.org? And did you know the Church has 100 Church-service missionary photographers?

Many of the projects the Church works on every day require the use of photos, video, music, and other forms of media. The need is constant. Media professionals, highly skilled amateurs, and missionaries from around the world help the Church create uplifting content.

At the Church’s website create.lds.org it reads, “If you have ever had a desire to help build the Lord’s kingdom using your talents, this site will help you learn how.” Instructions on the site show how to share photos, music, and videos with the Church.

Some important aspects to the creative media efforts within the Church are Church-service missionaries who provide a substantial amount of content and service to the process.

“We now have 100 Church-service missionary photographers who take on assignments from various departments to fill needs beyond what the Church photographers do,” said Scott Olson, product manager for the site. “We have another 50 Church-service missionary photo ‘taggers’ who help make the submitted photos findable by adding key words to each photo.”

“I love serving my mission as a photographer for the Church,“ said Elder Collin Harward, a Church-service missionary photographer from Sunset, Utah. “It is awesome to see how my images are used to share the gospel that I love and do it in a way that my words can’t.”

Lead image from LDS.org.
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