How a School Bus Taught Me How to Listen to the Spirit

How can a school bus teach us how to better listen to the Spirit and hear our Heavenly Father's love and counsel for us?

Our daughter takes the bus to school each school day. About 10 minutes after she leaves, I hear the bus drive by our home — which gives me peace of mind, knowing that she’s on her way to school.

Some days, I wouldn’t hear the bus. This was bothersome to me and caused me to worry a little. Once, it caused me to worry enough that I called the school an hour later to make sure she made it safely. She did, but the incident caused me to wonder why I didn’t hear the bus drive by that day.

As I contemplated the situation, I realized my thoughts were elsewhere that morning and I couldn’t remember if I actually did hear the bus. Physiologically, my ears must have heard the bus, but it didn’t register in my mind. What it boiled down to was that I simply didn’t listen intently that day. My mind was elsewhere.

Lead image from Senor Writes.

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