How a Series of 'Coincidences' Led Me to Serve a Mission

So much of life can be chalked up to “coincidence”, but I recently had an experience that can’t be explained by any other way than the fact that Heavenly Father is in charge, has prepared a way for me, and knows all.

"Even if we are heading in the right direction, God may throw in a detour. Not to change our path, but to teach us something before we arrive.” – Ashley Frederickson

Here’s how my experience with time over the past year was leading to God’s timing.

February 2014

Last winter I started filling out my mission papers, but due to some unresolved feelings from a recent relationship, I wasn’t confident about submitting them. I put them on hold after getting my dental exam and partially completing my mission physical.

April 2014

A few weeks later, my previous relationship started up again and while I was excited about pursuing our future, I was also hesitant about not serving a mission. I wanted to follow the council to pursue marriage over a mission and to “Marry the right person, at the right time, in the right place”. I was confident about who I was marrying and I figured if you had met the right person, the right time was ASAP.

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