How do you know if you've found 'the one'?

As young single adults, we often get advice about how to tell if a person is “the one.” One friend of mine said she knew it was right when her then-boyfriend fit in seamlessly with her family. One knew it was right when he found how well his then-girlfriend’s array of strengths and weaknesses complimented and compensated for his own. My aunt always hated taking out the trash; she knew she wanted to marry my uncle when he volunteered to take out the garbage.

More recently, I read an interesting column that said a man could tell if a woman was right for him based on how she served him. I find this a bit disconcerting because of its potential to be used for compulsion (“If you really loved me, then you would fold my socks”) or to be entirely misleading — while a person’s service might elicit gratitude, it doesn’t always instill one with a desire to spend eternity together. In response to this idea, I would like to submit my own two cents of what I believe is a safer and more personally telling indicator of a relationship’s potential: the way it impacts your desire to serve.

Because I’m single, it’s arguable that I have no real idea of how one would tell if a person were “the one.” Luckily, though, we have modern prophets who lend inspired insight to the subject.

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