How gold were the golden plates?

"For we have seen and hefted, and know of a surety that the said Smith has got the plates." (From "The Testimony of Eight Witnesses.")

Thud. If you dropped the golden plates, they would have made a pretty big dent in the floor — or worse, they probably would have crushed your foot. Joseph Smith carried them around, hid them in a log, a bean barrel, boxes and under hearthstones. They were picked up and fingers flipped through the metallic leaves, frrrrrrp! Emma Smith had to move them out of her way occasionally while doing housework.

The golden plates were just so — tangible, physical and, well, real. But just how big were they? How much did they weigh? How many plates were there? What were they made of?

Joseph Smith wrote in the Wentworth Letter that the plates were "six inches by eight inches long." Martin Harris and David Whitmer remembered 7 by 8 inches. Joseph Smith wrote that the plates were "something near six inches in thickness." Harris remembered it being about four inches.

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