How moms can go “back to school,” too

My five children started school yesterday. They were so excited! They all had so much to tell me as I picked them up from school – they’d met new friends, caught up with old friends, started to get to know teachers, and found out what they were going to get to learn this year.

After our traditional first-day-of school homemade cookies and milk (when everyone talked excitedly over everyone else about the day’s adventures), I sat down individually with each child to go over all the material their teachers had sent home, learning about this year’s curriculum and expectations. Then we put important dates on the calendar based on what they brought home and organized the things they need to keep handy in their cubbies for homework time (thanks to the great ideas in the Organizing for School Success Kit).

I’m so happy that my kids are excited and prepared and moving forward with some exciting new things in their lives. Getting organized and learning and doing new things can bring such joy.

As we help our children get going on learning new things and making new friends and help set them up for progress and success, wouldn’t it be good to do the same for ourselves? The joy of learning and friends and getting organized isn’t just for kids, is it?

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