How the Prophet and Apostles Met Their Wives: Love Stories from Our Church Leaders

by | Jul. 14, 2018

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President Eyring and Kathleen Eyring

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According to I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring, President Eyring was a single 27-year-old doctoral student studying at Harvard when he first saw his wife in 1960. One day after walking out of a church meeting, he saw Kathy in the parking lot wearing a red and white dress. He was immediately impressed by the goodness she radiated. He thought, “That’s the best person I’ve ever seen. If I could be with her, I could be every good thing I ever wanted to be.” President Eyring got her number from the ward clerk and asked her on a first date. While Kathy attended Harvard’s summer program, they often played tennis together and shared their testimonies and spiritual feelings with each other.

"I knew Hal (President Eyring) was someone special. He thought deeply about important things," Kathy told lds.org. President Eyring was impressed by Kathy’s lack of pretense and her spiritual maturity. When Kathy returned home to California after the summer, she could afford occasional flights to Boston for visits, but for the majority of the time, the couple courted through phone calls and letters.

In 1961, eight months after their first meeting, Kathy made a final visit to Boston and told President Eyring that she would not be returning. President Eyring had been seeking revelation on whether or not he should marry Kathy but had not received an answer. That night, before Kathy returned to California, President Eyring prayed with greater fervency than ever, telling God he would not proceed without approval. Finally, the answer came: “Go.”

The next morning, while President Eyring drove Kathy to the airport, he stopped the car and said to her, “I’ve been told to ask you to marry me.” Kathy only replied with tears. They were married in the Logan Utah Temple in 1962.

Image titleLearn more about President Eyring's life in I Will Lead You Along: The Life of Henry B. Eyring.

In 1970, Hal received an impression to make a daily record of his activities. Years of journals form the backbone of this personal biography, a candid look at his walk through life with his beloved companion, Kathy. "The journal shows how a good-but-imperfect man works each day to win divine approval," write the authors, and this window into his past provides unforgettable insights about the man the Lord has shaped him to become.

Readers will love these richly designed pages, filled with photographs, sketches from the pen of President Eyring himself, and scores of entries straight from his journals woven into an engaging depiction of his life's journey.

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