How to Be Successful In School and As a Parent

MR says: School and parenthood--two of the most stressful and rewarding stages in our lives. Put the two together, and you are in for one exciting time!

A full-time class schedule often means busy days and late nights. That is just the beginning when a student is also caring for a child.

Roughly 25 percent of college students in the United States have a dependent child, according to a study by the Institute of Women’s Policy Research. BYU hosts a variety of students pursuing degrees while caring for children.

BYU communications major Ryan Cummings and his wife, BYU exercise and wellness major Lindsey, are currently experiencing what it is like to balance school and parenthood.

“Originally our thoughts were to wait a couple of years and finish school, but then we both started feeling that we wanted a kid,” Cummings said. “It just kind of happens that way.”

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