How to Help Your Children Answer the Toughest “Whys” of Life

MR says: When a friend or child comes to you with a difficult question, how do you respond? How do you summarize life's greatest mysteries in a way another can understand?

If you’ve ever spent time with young children, chances are you’ve heard this question: Why?

Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to go to bed now? Why can’t I go out with my friends? Why? Why? Why?

As a mother of four, I’ve heard this question a thousand times. But this past month, the question took on a more tender meaning when asked by my 4-year-old son with this context:

“Why did Grandpa die?”

“Why isn’t Grandpa coming back alive right now?”

“Why didn’t Heavenly Father answer my prayers to help Grandpa feel better?”

Death is not an easy thing to explain, especially when it’s unexpected. We teach our children that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will all live again. But for a 2-year-old, 4-year-old, 6-year-old, and 10-year-old who were used to seeing their grandpa in their house every day, this sudden separation seemed permanent. And the faith of seeing him again was questioned.

These tough “whys” got me thinking, but more importantly they got me praying. Through the Spirit, I came to recognize that these tough life experiences were just what I needed to teach my kids about the Holy Ghost—why they needed it, how they can learn to recognize it, and how they can claim its power every day.

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