How to Sincerely Enjoy Working in Nursery

A friend of mine was recently called to be Nursery leader and solicited advice on how to run a successful nursery. (Actually, his question was whether or not I thought it was acceptable to teach the kids Klingon, but that’s another story.) I know this is a calling that many people dread, and may even turn down. It doesn’t have to be that way! Working in nursery can be fun, uplifting and educational, and needn’t lead to insanity. I’m probably too opinionated on this topic, both in number of opinions and how passionately they are held, but I wanted to share the advice I prepared for my friend with a wider audience in hopes of inspiring others with at least a few of my suggestions.

In no particular order, here are my tips for running a happy, nurturing, enjoyable nursery for all involved:

1. You can make a slide out of a conference-size standard church building table by folding down the legs on one end and leaving the other up. If your tables are the current standard issue plastic top ones, the children won’t be able to pick up enough speed to require any kind of cushioning at the bottom.

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