How to Teach Your Children About Evolution and Faith

When a doctor of biblical studies sat down with his 8-year-old son to talk about evolution, he quickly gained some profound perspective from this wise little soul. Find out more about how you can talk to your children about science while still keeping a faithful outlook.

One evening after dinner and playing games with my kids I sat down in my comfortable La-Z-Boy chair in the family room. I had not intended or planned to have a serious or significant conversation with my kids moments later.

But as many parents know, that is how teaching moments happen as a parent, at moments not of our choosing.

On my iPad, I began scrolling through science documentaries on YouTube. I found one produced by NOVA PBS titled "What Darwin Never Knew." Intrigued, and always up for learning, I started watching it.

As soon as they heard the show starting, they stopped their activities and came running over to see what was happening on the iPad.

Lead image from Deseret News.
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