How to be a proper spinster

by | Aug. 04, 2009

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You’ve read the books and seen the films. You’ve sat with your friends and watched, re-watched, and watched again as Colin Firth emerges from that lake. You’ve laughed at the wit, the silliness, the truth, and the improbability. Then you have closed the book or finished the movie with a sigh. You know, though I haven’t mentioned a title or her name, of whom I am speaking, Jane Austen.

Recently, I have noticed my own uneasiness with a few of the characters portrayed by Austen (and others). It is a discomfort that I have never before felt, and that has nothing to do with the “happily-ever-afters” that inevitably belong to certain characters. Perhaps it is the fact that I’ve finally passed one of those birthdays - one of those where upon a switch is flipped, resulting in a real difference of feeling. It is the spinster role that has me now watching with unease.

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