How to experience the Holy Land

As a boy, S. Michael Wilcox loved the Old Testament story of Elijah being fed by the ravens. “It was a wonderful thing that the ravens were bringing him food,” Wilcox said, recalling his boyhood fascination of the story found in I Kings 17.

On his first trip to Israel, Wilcox was sitting in Galilee when he noticed a black and grey bird walking on the grass. He inquired about the bird, and his guide replied that it was a raven.

“A wave of emotion swept over me and I started to weep as I looked at this raven,” said Wilcox, a retired instructor for LDS Church Educational System. “The reality of the story I loved as a boy hit somehow. It was a powerful moment, not just for the story, but because of the reality of what I was seeing. That is illustrative of what happens so often.”

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