How to get published in the LDS market

Veranda Bella Pratt sat in the back of the room at the LDStorymakers Writers Conference in April. Her dream was simple: Write the perfect Mormon novel and convince an LDS publisher to publish it.

Veranda mistakenly believed that only one person stood between her and her dream: Kathryn B. Jenkins, managing editor of Covenant Communications.

Veranda watched as Jenkins began a presentation titled "A Guide to Getting Published in the LDS Market."

"I can't believe she's actually going to tell us all the secrets," Veranda said to herself. "This has to be some sort of trick."

It wasn't a trick, but Jenkins did have an agenda. An agenda that unwittingly was playing right into Veranda's plans.

Jenkins had prepared for her presentation by surveying other major and minor LDS publishers. Jenkins' goal was to improve the quality of book submissions.

Veranda held the tip of her Ticonderoga yellow No. 2 pencil over the first page of her Ampad Efficiency steno notebook. Her fingers trembled.

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