How to keep an effective journal

Several readers have e-mailed asking for the text of Bishop Frank D. Gibson's 16-point journal "cheat sheet" (as mentioned in the article "Keeping a journal can foster progress" from the Jan. 2, 2010, issue of Church News).

Regarding how he came to have his own journal primer, Bishop Gibson said, "I took things I heard from here, there and some of what President [Spencer W.] Kimball said about journal keeping. It is some of what I've learned from other resources in business and some of which I've come up with myself. It's pieces of stuff that I've collected over the years and put together in what I thought was as usable fashion as any."

Below is the text of Bishop Gibson's "How to Use a Journal."

Everyone should be a student of their own life, and your journal is your workbook. You write it yourself as you go along, page by page.

* Note the date, time and location of each entry. As you review your journal, it will provide the context of where you were and what you were experiencing when you wrote each entry.

* Keep your journal with you at all times. You can't write in it if you don't have it with you.

* How often do you write in your journal? As often as you want to. It's your journal.

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