How well do you know the Quorum of the Twelve? Take this quiz with John Hilton III

How well do you actually know the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles? 

That is the question John Hilton III poses in a new Facebook video. For some, he says, it may be easier to name all the athletes on a professional team than to name all the members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve.

“As fun and interesting as it is to follow the careers of professional athletes, perhaps some of us need to spend a little more time focusing on the players on the Lord’s team,” Hilton says in the video. 

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He then shares a brief quiz, which gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge of how many of the Lord’s prophets, seers, and revelators you can name based on seeing their pictures.

But, as Hilton mentions, knowing their names and faces is just the first step we can take. He then recounts an experience years ago in which a member of the Church’s scriptural committee asked him, “Do you know what President Monson said in the most recent general conference?”

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Hilton realized that although he remembered what President Monson had said in the priesthood session, he struggled to remember the other counsel President Monson had given. Ever since, Hilton has resolved to pay close attention to what the Lord’s living prophets say and remember their remarks.

Watch his full video on Facebook or below to test your knowledge and see where you can improve. 

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