HuffPost Praises LDS Author for His "Beautifully Crafted" Novel

by | Sep. 21, 2016

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Based on a true story, The Orphan Keeper  has captivated book reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads with its story of hope and determination in the face of incredible odds. 

And it appears The Orphan Keeper has now captivated the attention of the Huffington Post.

In a recent book review, the Huffington Post said The Orphan Keeper was, "beautifully crafted" by LDS author Camron Wright and praises him for his writing abilities that lead to his two prize-winning books Letters for Emily and The Rent Collector.

In The Orphan Keeper, Wright captures the story of Chellamuthu, who was kidnapped at the age of seven while living in India. He is then sold to a Christan orphanage where he is told he will be better off, though he is not an orphan.

Eventually, Chellamuthu is adopted by an American couple who had no clue his parents were still alive. As he grows up in America, Chellamuthu forgets about his biological parents and childhood in India until a series of events too perfect to be consequential cause him to slowly remember his past and seek out his biological family.

The results of this adventure, you'll have to find out for yourself. But as the Huffington Post says, "...The Orphan Keeper taps into questions of coincidence and belief that have kept me in a state of wonder since I reluctantly closed its covers."

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