Huffington Post Features New LDS Faith-Themed Website

"No Poor Among Them" is more than a passage of LDS scripture. For a handful of Mormon humanitarians, it's the name of an organization -- one dedicated to finding and applying LDS approaches to eradicating global poverty. That organization, started more than two years ago as a podcast and blog, is gaining traction, developing partnerships and, as of today, launching a brand new website.

From that website they affirm that "No Poor Among Them is a project devoted to education and inspiration in the art of service and the passion to end poverty."

Yet NPAT, as they are keen to shorthand, is seeking more than just spreading awareness regarding social issues via their new site (though they do indeed do that), but they hope to be able to connect would-be volunteers, donors and other agents of change to various organizations, opportunities and avenues of need in an easy, practical way.

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