Hugh Nibley: A passionate defender of the Book of Mormon

by | Mar. 26, 2010

Mormons We Know

A man known for throwing written and verbal poison darts at the wealthy, the social elite, BYU's dress code and war never took potshots at the Book of Mormon.

In fact, Hugh Nibley passionately defended the Book of Mormon as truth.

Marilyn Arnold, speaking on Thursday, March 25, at the Neal A. Maxwell Religious Education lecture series on Nibley's work at the Harold B. Lee Library auditorium, said Nibley said no writings -- including his own -- match the writing in the Book of Mormon.

Nothing can do justice to the power and justice in the book, Nibley said, quoted by Arnold who spent months immersing herself in Nibley's writings preparing for her lecture.

Arnold, who is a retired professor of English Literature, said Nibley often attacked her field of expertise and was never shy about taking on foes in every walk of life.

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