Hunted by Fire: How Members of One LDS Ward Survived California's Firestorm

by | Oct. 16, 2017

Mormon Life

"Staying connected with the Holy Spirit and using the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is everything in this kind of experience, because parts of it are so scary, and if I didn't have those kinds of things, I'd be a lot more panicked," said Allan Darrimon.

He was hosing down the back of his house when intense heat on Bishop Allan Darrimon's back made him spin around.

What he saw shocked and scared the 63-year-old retired parks and grounds manager.

"It was a swirling mass of embers and leaves and tree debris," he said. "It was 20-feet tall, and it was powering through the street behind our house. When I turned around and saw that coming down the boulevard, I really thought that was going to be it. I quickly got in the house because I wanted to get Veronica in the car and get out of there."

A few houses down, Jack Reisner, a member of the Peterson Lane Ward, an LDS Church congregation led by Darrimon, saw the same devilish beast seething across the sound wall behind their homes.

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