Husbands need to pick up the slack

Let's say that a young LDS man who wishes to be a good husband has his plans in place for how he's going to provide for his future wife and children.

Too often, though, he gives the matter no further thought, as if husbanding began and ended with earning a living.

But he must also prepare his mental image of what a marriage is supposed to be, so that he can be ready to step into the role of husband without any rude shocks — to him or to his new wife.

1. Your wife may become a mother, but you are not one of her children.

This may seem obvious, but many a young husband imagined that his wife would pick up after him, cook and clean for him, just as his mother did.

Your wife may specialize in rearing the very young children while you specialize in earning a living, but in a happy household, all the jobs belong to both the husband and the wife — and they're done to the specifications of the partner who does them most often.

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