Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses +9 More Treasures in the Church History Museum

by | Mar. 31, 2016

Mormon Life

Kirtland Temple Window

Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses +9 More Treasures at the Church History Museum

As the first Latter-day temple, the early Latter-day Saints poured their resources and efforts into building a beautiful edifice to their God in Kirtland. The resulting Kirtland Temple still stands today, but one of its hand-crafted windows now has a home in the Church History Museum. Though the frame and sill are replicas, the original glass and sash are displayed. The window was built by Brigham Young and his brother Joseph Young and allowed light to enter the first-floor assembly room.

Don’t miss this delicate artifact in the Kirtland, Ohio section of the exhibit. Click here for more information about the construction of the Kirtland Temple on history.lds.org.

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