Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses +9 More Treasures in the Church History Museum

by | Mar. 31, 2016

Mormon Life

Hawn’s Mill Face Wheel

Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses +9 More Treasures at the Church History Museum

The tragic location of the massacre of at least 17 Saints, Hawn’s Mill is a dark memory in Mormon history. The cast-iron “face wheel” on display in the museum today is a reminder of the heartbreaking violence between an armed Missouri militia and 15-20 pioneer families shortly after Governor Boggs’s infamous Extermination Order was given. This piece of machinery was part of Jacob Hawn’s gristmill. Though the mill was destroyed in 1845, a fisherman found the face wheel buried in a nearby creek bed in 1981.

Find this artifact in the Missouri section of the museum. For more on this story and some of the miracles that later came from this event, check out history.lds.org.

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