I Get by With A Little Love from my Friends

by | Sep. 28, 2009

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I climbed the ‘Y’ in Provo with my girlfriends on Thursday. We pounded out the 12% grade, checking our heart rate monitors (to make sure we weren’t dead… you know), we panted and huffed. We laughed and gabbed while we trekked up the hill as fast as we could. We’re trying, us middle aged mommas, to kick each other into better shape.

What we’re succeeding at doing is keeping each other sane.

I’ve been exercising with some of these women for years. We used to run together, but now that I can’t run anymore, they decided to also stop running so we could stick together. We’ve taken up climbing mountains. And biking.

“The important thing is that we do it together,” one of them said when they quit running in solidarity with me, “We’ll walk together.”

She brought me to tears that day, the day she gave up running because I had to give up running...

I have M.S., and it has started to rob me of the long road of life that I thought lay ahead of me. It has detoured me in strange and unexpected ways. It has cost me a few relationships and has laid claim to what I thought were essential parts of my identity.

But I have been dearly repaid for those losses by my girlfriends.

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